Computer Lab


In today’s world, Information and Technology get the pick of the bunch. Man is out fashioned without the knowledge of computer. Also, now the time has come when every person seeking employment either in private or Govt. sectors inevitably finds himself/herself, confronted with the need to be computer oriented and literate to meet the challenges of the time. Students must be exposed to the computer environment at a young age, when they are at the primary learning stage and when their ability to grasp is high. Exposure to computers at this stage of life will certainly help them in future, no doubt for a better career in the computer field, engineering etc.

In order to equip the students to face the challenges of the modern technological era, computers are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Keeping this in view to give the best of the modern technology to the children. Computer science is being introduced in the school curriculum and it is being taught as a additional compulsory subject. This is also one of the optional subjects for the I.C.S.E. Board Exams.