• Sector 39
  • Ludhiana, Punjab

Principal Message

Education is an unending life long process. The educational institutions must be ready to instill in the students uncompromising fidelity to the values and genuine concern for the welfare of others and commitment to truth, justice and all – round development of one’s personality to meet the challenges of life. In India, people hold hands to raise slogans for a better cause. Do we find any change? It is high time for all of us to ponder over the present scenario. Can we find an exemplary person in any field working as a role model? We need sign boards on the road side to indicate destinations. Similarly we need some role models in the society to follow them. We must trust in the mighty power of God’s mercy. We all are sinners, but His grace transforms and makes us new. When we recognize the greatness of God, we must accept the smallness of our life.

Keeping all these in mind, Sacred Heart Convent School has been working to achieve some of these values. To mould and shape the students lives and to give better human values, the school has been serving in Ludhiana city.

Thanking You
Sr. Crispin Maria DM