Keeping in mind the correct phonetics the language lab is equipped with latest audio-visual teaching aids for the learning of languages and to enhance overall communication among students including pronunciation.

Good Communication is the most required skill for present day world of work. To improve the skills of pronunciation and phonetics, language lab having 20 units of hearing & recording having 1-1 contact with a central control system is there. Services of a part time speech therapist are availed. Features:-

  • Unique voice operated priority in Mic-1 helps in making announcements while music is on
  • Headphone socket for private monitoring of the proceedings.
  • Built-in monitor Speaker.
  • Low distortion figures over the complete frequency range for clear and brilliant sound reproduction.
  • Ac/12v Dc (Car Battery) operation . Automatic changeover to Battery Operation in case of mains failure ensures uninterrupted service.
  • Multiple inputs for 3 mics/1 Aux sources.
  • External speaker connections for 4,8 ohm and 100v.
  • Active Bass and Treble controls.
  • Sturdy Tape Deck Mechanism.