Educational Expedition to Jaisalmer and Jodhpur by XI &  XII Students

Eloit22 Nov 2023 06 : 11 : AM
The XI & XII-grade students of our school embarked on a captivating educational tour to the historically rich cities of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur from 3rd Nov to 7th Nov 2023. This immersive journey blended cultural exploration, historical insights, and a touch of adventure. Jodhpur: The Blue City: Sightseeing in the Blue City: students explored the towering Mehrangarh Fort. The guided tour covered the fort's history, architecture, and the treasures housed within its walls. As the journey continued to Jaisalmer, famously known as the Golden City. The adventure took a thrilling turn with a safari into the Sam Sand Dunes. Students experienced the mesmerizing beauty of the Thar Desert, riding camels and witnessing a breathtaking sunset against the vast expanse of golden sands.