Director Message

Education's purpose is to replace an empty
mind with an open one.

-Malcolm forbes

Education comes from the Latin word EDUCARE meaning to nourish, to bring, to lead out. The main aim of Education is to bring up, to develop and to shape up an individual’s talent and inner potentialities. To educate means to bring out the true nature hidden in one person. “God created man in His own image and likeness”, says the Bible. True human nature is similar to the Divine nature. “God is love”, says St. John in the Bible. Original human nature is loving nature which is the source of all virtues like kindness, equality, liberty and justice. True human nature has no room for violence and various vices like selfishness, anger, covetousness, lust and pride. School is a place where a child learns to be more humane nurturing various virtues and appreciating universal values like truthfulness, goodness and beauty. With this in mind the school adds various extra-curricular activities that culture a child. Culture or Samskriti is a combination of two words Sam and Kriti in making something refined and fine removing the ugly and the unpleasant.

In this endeavour of education, the role of the whole society is definitely involved but the importance of the parents and the teachers cannot be denied. The child learns its first lessons from the family and a child in the earlier stages of life sees or observes more than listening. A child selects a role model from the family before it comes to the school and the good examples presented by the members of the family so the people around play a decisive role in child's becoming more and more humane. The children are given opportunities to develop the potentialities hidden in them and the educator has the duty to see that the child must not miss the opportunities provided in the process. The students must be made aware that they should not miss these chances given in life.

In this process of self-realization, I carry out the mission given by my divine master along with others to make this world more and more human or rather more and more divine. I may not succeed alone but definitely I am sure that my humble contribution to it is going to make a difference. If I fail in my mission, the whole will lack the humble contribution of mine. I wish this to be the driving force for all in the society and in special the parents, the teachers and the policy makers of the society and above all the students.

Pray that the Almighty God bless and keep all safe from all dangers and evil!

Thanking You
Fr. Dr. George Pallikunnel Mathai