Information for Parents

  1. Every student should bring the school diary. If the Parents / Guardians are asked to meet the Principal / Teachers, they must do it without fail.
  2. Students are expected to reach the school campus five minutes before the first bell for morning assembly. Three late arrivals will be charged fine for every subsequent late arrival from the late – comer.
  3. The warning bell before the assembly is a signal for students to go to their respective class – rooms in perfect silence.
  4. No student shall be allowed to go out or to be taken out of the school compound without obtaining the ‘Out Pass’ from the Principal.
  5. Personal cleanliness and grooming is expected from every student. The school uniform must be clean, well pressed and complete without any type of decorations.
  6. The Principal has the right to confiscate books, newspaper, periodicals, mobile phones and any other items which may be considered objectionable.
  7. Money should not be lent or borrowed or articles exchanged between the students.
  8. Children have no permission to attend parties or to go to the cinema or to go to friend’s house on their way back home from the school.
  9. Care must be taken for all school property and no pupil should scratch or spoil the desks or chairs or damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the wall, or in any way damage things belongs to others.
  10. All letters and correspondence addressed to pupils are subject to the scrutiny of the Principal.
  11. Students are not given any assignments for which they need to take data from the internet. Please do not provide smart phones with internet facility to your wards.
  12. The school is not responsible for articles or money lost. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles to school.
  13. Running, playing, shouting and whistling inside the school building is not allowed.
  14. Parents / Guardians are not permitted to walk into class – rooms or interview teachers without the permission of the Principal.
  15. The Name, Admission Number, Class and Section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all his / her belongings.
  16. Students will not be called to answer phone calls during class hours, unless it is very urgent.
  17. The management has the right to take disciplinary action against students / parents who do not comply with the school rules and requirements.
  18. The school has the right to teach any subject that is required and approved by the Board of Education both compulsory and optional.
  19. Parents are requested not to disturb the school staff with any problem except during the office time.
  20. Parents / Guardian are welcome to meet Principal during working hours. They must seek an appointment through reception.
  21. The transport of the children to and from the school is entirely the responsibility of the parents.
  22. No student is permitted to bring cell phone to the school complex. Parents are requested to switch off their mobile phones in the school complex.
  23. A student who is caught using unfair means in the examination will be awarded zero in the concerned paper and it could lead to dismissal.
  24. No physical violence or verbal violence is permitted in the school. If anyone found using such means, he / she will be suspended with immediate effect and an enquiry will be conducted which may lead to one’s dismissal if proved guilty.
  25. Parent – Teacher Meeting (P. T. M.) is to be attended by all the parents of their wards.
  26. While sending letters or making remittance of fee enquiries, please note the full name (as written in the admission form) of the child. His / her Class & Sec. / Roll No. / Admission No. is very important to enter because many students are there in a class / school with the same name.
  27. Boys are not allowed to wear ear – rings. Girls are allowed to wear only small rings / studs. No fancy accessories are allowed in school. Girls are not allowed to apply nail polish and heena.
  28. Parents are requested to notify the school of any change in their address, phone no. etc. through the format given in the school diary
  29. Spectacle frame should not be colourful. Only black spectacle frame is allowed.
  30. Admission Card for the Board Examination of class – X will be issued only after recovering all dues including the library books.
  31. The school welcomes any suggestion and advice which is positive and constructive or the welfare of the children and the school.
  32. Just because one child of yours is admitted in the school, it is not bound to give seats to all your other children / or of your relations.
  33. Periodical Reports and Report Book will keep parents informed of the progress of their wards. These reports are to be signed and returned in time as given in the school diary.
  34. Collection and distribution of lunch packets and other belongings are not the responsibilities of the school and is not allowed.
  35. Bursting crackers during Diwali or splashing colours / ink during Holi in the school premises is strictly forbidden. Non – Compliance to these instructions can result in expulsion from the school.
  36. No packed food is allowed like chips, wafers etc. Only home cooked food should be sent. Also include some seasonal fruits in the lunch pack.
  37. Canteen facility will not be available, so students should bring their proper lunch from home.
  38. Money should not be given to the students for buying eatables.
  39. For birthday celebrations in the class no packets are allowed.