Safety and Security of children

Eloit16 Feb 2019 06 : 02 : AM

Sacred Heart Convent School, Sec-39, Urban Estate, Ludhiana.


Circular No: shcs/18-19/57                                                                                                   Dated:-01/02/2019

Dear Parents,

Safety and Security of children while in school and during their transportation to and fro are of paramount importance and concern for all of us. In this regard we need your co-operation and support. Because many serious mishaps have been reported due to the lack of vigilances of the transporters and the parents. Therefore when you hire a private transport for your ward, it is your responsibility to make sure that your children are perfectly safe, in the hands of those vehicle operators.

It has been ordered from the office of the school that the students must be brought to the school by authorized school Buses only. As the pressure is mounting on the school administration from the office of the Commission for the protection of child right, Mohali, Chandigarh, to take strong measures on the transportation arrangement, the school is forced to take very stringent steps to forbid children travelling in such transportation which blatantly flout the safety measures. Therefore once again we remind you with the following instructions.

  1. The transport committee of the school has found through its inspection the below given vehicles are not following the Safe School Vahan Policy.
  2. You have been informed about the safe transportation of the children and its after effects through circulars dated on 17/01/2019 cir.no shcs/18-19/50 and 28/01/19 cir.no shcs/18-19/54.
  3. The school has issued notice to the defaulting vehicle operators banning them to bring children to the school. Copy of which is given to RTO Ludhiana for legal action.
  4. The school will grant permission to only those vehicles which comply with the safe school vahan policy.
  5. From the new academic session the school management will not allow children to enter the classroom if they are coming by those vehicles which are banned by the school.
  6. As there is sufficient time for the new academic year to begin so you can look for the new vehicles who comply with the safe school vahan policy.
  7. When you come to collect the result of your ward we expect the details of your ward’s transportation with a self – declaration. Then only you can collect the fee slip for the new academic session. So we look forward for your cooperation in the coming academic session for the safety of our children.
  8. If any parent is unwilling to cooperate with the High court orders and the Government measures, the school may even request such parents to withdraw their children from our school.
S.NoName of  OwnerVehicle NoS.NoName of the ownerVehicle No
 1Sandeep KumarPB 11 CB 722234RameshPB 10 DZ 0221
2Satnam SinghPB 11 CF 528135Amrik SinghPB 10 DZ 0229
3Jasvir SinghPB 10 CP 377436Gurmeet SinghPB 10 ES 5320
4Satnam SinghPB 10 GF 794237Parwinder SinghPB 10 ES 3775
5Satnam SinghPB 10 BA 684338Satnam SinghPB 10 DM 4427
6Inderjit SinghPB 11 BN 239539Vijay KumarPB 10 DS 9638
7Balbir SinghPB 11 BA 851940Tarsem KumarPB 10 CQ 0305
8Manjit SinghPB 10 FF 310641Harwinder SinghPB 10 EK 1370
9Rajinder KaurPB 10 FF 167542Gurcharan SinghPB 10 BV 9822
10Rajinder KaurPB 10 BA 684243Lalit MonuPB 10 BV 0624
11Paramjit SinghPB 10 FV 168644Sukhinderpal SinghPB 10 CQ 1851
12Paramjit SinghPB 10 BG 459345Klash ( Soni )PB 10 CK 7084
13Paramjit SinghPB 13 V 973646Avtar SinghPB 10 BB 0352
14Paramjit SinghPB 10 BA 684447LeelaramPB 10 DZ 4733
15Gurmukh SinghPB 10 BL 079248Gupreet SinghPB 10 FF 1597
16Sandeep KumarPB 10 ES 896649Varinder SinghPB 10 FF 8858
17Gurmukh SinghPB 10 FF 070550Narinder KumarPB 10 CK 9256
18LawrencePB 10 FF 911051Kamaljit SinghPB 10 ES 5125
19LawrencePB 13 N 806252Manjit SinghPB 07 Z 7967
20Jasvir SinghPB 10 EH 594853Makkan SinghPB 10 CL 4650
21Rajinder KaurPB 10 FF 167354Satnam SinghPB 30 C 5978
22Manjit SinghPB 10 CL 741655Manjit Singh (Billu)PB 10 EH 2953
23Manjit SinghPB 10 EH 106956ShammiPB 10 EU 5111
24Inderjit SinghPB 29 X 247857Gurmail SinghPB 10 DH 1042
25Inderjit SinghPB 11 CQ 999758Sanjeev BhattiaPB 10 AX 2855
26Inderjit SinghPB 07 T 487159Rupinder SinghPB 10 DH 2940
27Bhupinder SinghPB11 CJ 225460Amrik SinghPB 10 CK 4034
28MohiniPB 10 CH 651561 PB 10 CJ 0319
29LovelyPB 11 CF 423562Gurcharan SinghPB 10 BV 9822
30RajeshPB 10 A 376863Balwinder SinghPB 10 EG 2901
31TituPB 10 CK 923764 PB 10 BT 2775
32Makkan SinghPB 10 FF 210365 PB 10 EH 3728
33Balwinder SinghPB 10 FF 2909   

List of vehicles and Auto Rickshaws banned by the school

Thanking you and looking for your cooperation.

Sr.SherinThomas D.M