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  • Aims and Objectives

Our mission is to be a beckon of light to the young generation to grow and develop as persons who will be instrumental to create a just and harmonious society where everyone can freely and fearlessly live and bloom to his full stature by giving glory to God his creator and rendering loving service to his fellowmen . Our mission aims at molding persons of true wisdom , knowledge and understanding filled with compassion for the less fortunate and courageous to act on their beliefs . We aim at the all - round development of each child ; Spiritual , Moral , Intellectual , Social , Emotional and Physical .

We help the students to realize the presence of God within oneself and in others by teaching them to pray and to live in accordance with the dictates of God .


“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding”
(Holy Bible)

Our Vision is to accompany every student to help him o grow as persons who are filled with true wisdom, knowledge and understanding to create a society of justice, peace and universal brotherhood.

The aim of the school is to impart quality education designed for the all - round development of the child . The students are prepared for their future duties by a careful cultivation of their minds and hearts . They are enlightened intellectually , morally , socially , professionally and spiritually . Although is a Christian Minority school , every student is encouraged to practise his / her religion . Special emphasis is given for the practice of natural virtues like truthfulness , honesty , politeness , simplicity , self - discipline and orderliness .