A Visit to Sadda Pind, Amritsar– Exploring Tradition and Heritage

Eloit22 Nov 2023 07 : 11 : AM
In a journey that combined culture, tradition, and the vibrant spirit of Punjab, the students of classes IX to XII embarked on a memorable visit to Sadda Pind, Amritsar, on 23rd Oct 2023. This immersive experience was more than just a picnic or trip, it was a step back in time, allowing the students to witness and participate in the rich heritage of Punjab. As the students entered Sadda Pind, they were welcomed with the warmth and hospitality, served them traditional dishes like "sarson da saag" and "makki di roti," experiencing the true taste of Punjab. Sadda Pind is a living museum, a representation of a typical Punjabi village. The students strolled through its narrow lanes, discovering the simplicity and beauty of rural life. From the mud-plastered walls to the vibrant handicrafts, every corner echoed the charm of Punjab's villages. The visit included live cultural performances that brought the essence of Punjab to life. The students enthusiastically joined in, making it a celebration of joy and unity. In the hearts of the students, the memories of Sadda Pind will remain etched, fostering a deep appreciation for the traditions that make Punjab truly special.